OverPowered | SunRise

We are OverPowered SunRise; an amateur level team that originally formed in April 2018. Currently, we have participated in two ESEA Open Seasons (achieving 7-9 and 9-7 win records), we have played in Season 2 of the Scottish Esports League and we finished 3rd-4th in the AGT Online Autumn. Our current goals are to improve as a team and slowly climb up the ranks with a new IGL and fresh ideas in our playstyle.

Peter ‘Angry 21’ 

Angry 21 is a 24 year old Master of Mathematics that has been part of the amateur UKCS scene since 2011 and has attended a multiple of i-series events. Having played a variety of roles within a plethora of amateur teams, Angry has now taken an AWPer/entry fragging role on OP.SunRise, which he has been a member of since October 2019. On a side note, he also co-founded and is an owner of the organisation.

Bas ‘BasH’

Bas “BasH” is 18 years old from the Netherlands he has been playing csgo since 2017. Pretty much being In Game Leading this whole csgo career, starting with giving strats against his silver friends. This all developed to the IGL BasH as a main role. BasH joined OP.Sunrise on 20th March 2020 and the teammates welcomed him and he enjoys playing for Sunrise. Playing as an IGL allows BasH to play the game in different types of styles, such as AWPing, Entry, lurking or entry fragging so ingame he has the ability of calling quite flexible.

Aiko ‘Moustache Cat’

Moustache Cat is a motivated youngster from Belgium who has been playing CS:GO competitively since 2018. After getting into esports he created his own team where he met GuardianPM and Foxy who later formed the core of the team. Moustache Cat has been playing a variety of roles over the years however he found his perfect fit in the rifler/support role, his overall goal is to become a skilled CS:GO player whilst having fun.


Tsogiman is a 20-year-old player, born in Mongolia but raised in Sweden. He is a fierce competitor and enjoys winning more than most stuff. Tsogiman picked up CS:GO as he stopped playing football and now wants to see what he can do in the esports scene. The strengths of Tsogiman are his mechanical skills and pure aim but his AWP skills could definitely use some work. His role is to play as the entry fragger on Overpowered Sunrise.

Gökhan ‘Göki’

Göki is 28 and from Germany’s beautiful capital Berlin. He has been playing competitive CS since 2009, and joined OP.SunRise in August 2020. He was originally an IGL for 10 years playing as an all-rounder and has experience playing in many leagues and tournaments such as ESL, EAS 1st Division, 99Damage and 4PL, including against some semi-pro teams. Göki also has LAN experience playing at several events, winning CSV LAN and training with teams in bootcamps. His goal within CS is to compete on the highest level possible.