OverPowered | Goldfish


DerpinoSilva is currently the coach of Overpowered Gaming Goldfish. Of Brazilian origin and Swiss residency, Derpino has had an on/off relationship with CS:GO since 2014 up to late 2019, when he realized his potential. However, an ongoing wrist injury unrelated to CS stopped him from playing on April 2020. He’s been helping and individually coaching his old teammates Baltazar, Preblem and Fox ever since and started coaching the entire OP.Goldfish lineup on Season 34 of ESEA Open, focusing on teamwork and team morale. He hopes to recover from his injury and return to regular play and in the meanwhile, studies Food Science and coaches OP.Goldfish to learn, help his former teammates, and stay up-to-date with the meta.

Dario ‘Baltazar

Baltazar is a 17 year old Norwegian csgo player playing for Overpowered Goldfish. Playing csgo casually on and off for 3 years he started grinding ever since the summer of 2019. Picking up the IGL role in January 2020 Baltazar found his place and has been playing in one team ever since. He has had a passion for strategy ever since he was a kid and is striving hard to always make sure he is learning something new or improving something old.

Christian ‘Fox’

Fox is a Swiss CSGO player currently representing OverPowered Gaming. He is most comfortable when he can play the support/lurk around the team. Despite a few adventures on other esports titles, he always loved playing CS. Already at a young age of 15 he started playing in local Lanpartys with his team. After that he took some smaller breaks from the game. Now, a couple of years later he is highly motivated and hungry to grind to the next step while always having the big goal in-front of his eyes.


🅿reblem is a 17 year old Norwegian CS:GO player currently playing for Overpowered Goldfish. He has been playing CS:GO for 4 years. During his first years he spent his time playing as an awper but switched to playing as a rifler since the beginning of 2019. Since then has been perfecting his role as a rifler. In CS:GO he found a place where he could put his skills to the test, and let his competitive side out.

Farshad ‘RedDanger

RedDanger is a Luxembourgish CSGO player currently representing OverPowered Gaming. Gaining his love for CS in his younger years with playing 1.6, he found his passion for the game back with CSGO in 2013. After playing in a German amateur team for a year, he took a break only to come back years after with a European team to climb up the ladder with. As rifler, Red constantly aims to get better, both individually and together with his team to eventually achieve what they all want: becoming professionals.

Pieter ‘Xyntax’

Xyntax is an amateur CSGO player from The Netherlands, currently representing OverPowered Gaming. Xyntax has been an IGL within multiple line-ups; realising his players’ potentials, strategising, and creating a positive team environment. However, stepping down from the IGL role, Xyntax dedicates his time now to main AWP. Constantly striving for success, Xyntax’s motivation stems from the steady increments of improvement, seeing him and his team beat better and better opponents, and achieving their goals. This season Xyntax is facing a new challenge, trying to combine a double bachelor at the Technical University of Eindhoven and taking his CS:GO to the next level.