About Us

Overpowered Gaming was formed in late 2013, primarily as a gaming community, focusing on games such as Counter-Strike: Source and League of Legends. After enjoying ourselves within this, we slowly started moving into new games and mid 2016 we decided to move forward and progress into an organisation.

We know it is very difficult to break into a scene and become a professional organisation, but the ambition is there, and we are very hopeful that with a little bit of luck and significant time and effort on our behalf, we will get there.

Over time we have had various small achievements in online tournaments, and a 25th finish with our CS:GO team at i61 LAN, and as happy as we have been with these results, it’s nothing compared to the ambition we have and where we want our current/future teams to be, as we will continuously strive to make sure we will be among one of the top gaming organisations within the UK and Europe.

Between our current management, and those who help us out, we have simple and clear-cut ideas and aims for the organisation itself, and what we would like to do within the eSports scene, and to have all our teams performing at a high level, and getting Overpowered Gaming identified as the brand we hope it to be are the key aims for ourselves.