Overpowered Gaming was formed in late 2013, primarily as a gaming community, focusing on games such as Counter-Strike: Source and League of Legends. After enjoying ourselves within this, we slowly started moving into new games and mid 2016 we decided to move forward and progress into an organisation…Read More


We are delighted to announce a sponsorship with Teamspeak! This will give us support that we need to grow into the organisation we’re looking to become. Teamspeak has everything you need for gaming communication and voice management, so click the image above to check out Teamspeak and download their software for free. We offer a free to use Teamspeak server, IP OPG. We play a whole bunch of games so come along and join, bring your friends and make some new ones!

I’m a freelance designer who creates logos and custom graphics. My graphics are simple yet striking, and look great on posters, album covers, book covers etc.
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