CSGO | OP.Vykon eSports


I‘m a 17 year old passionate gamer from Berlin. I have been playing Counter Strike for around 4 years and played Crossfire before and played with FrOzN since my first steps into FPS’s. In the future, I want to step up my game to a level where we, as a team, can compete in the German competitive scene.
I’m a 17 years old awper from Berlin, Germany. I started playing COD4 back in 2009 and switched to CS:GO in 2013 and was addicted to it ever since. As an individual, my goal is to be one of the best german awpers. Reliable as possible for my team and play a high level of counter-strike in general. My goal regarding the team is to participate in the ESL Meisterschaft and qualify for some minor Lan tournaments.
As the oldest member of Vykon I am calling the strats in game.I love CS as an eSport and watched professional matches even before I started playing the game. Since then I improved a lot and I want to keep improving personally and as an IGL to get Vykon to continuously get better. My goal is to play at LAN tournaments and get the experience to compete with the best. I believe in our good team synergy to help us accomplish.
My name is Dominic and I am playing CS for 4 years now. My current teammate L0wbird introduced me to the game and throughout the years we got a good combo. I am currently rifling for the team. I believe that I got the potential and the young age to really improve me and my team.
My Name is Paul, I am a 17-year-old student from Berlin, Germany. I mostly take over the entry fragging role for our team, which I strive to learn and master. My goal is to play (and win) at a LAN tournament and generally stir up the German competitive scene!