OverPowered | Augenweide

Bailey ‘GSTQ‘ Morgan

GSTQ is an amateur CSGO Coach from England currently representing OverPowered Gaming. Despite experience in ESEA leagues as a player, GSTQ now strives to improve the team and support his players from behind the scenes over physically playing. His role extends beyond simply advising his players; he helps create an environment built upon shared values, discipline and hard work to reach the teams’ shared goals.

Rino “braind4d” De Mol

Rino ‘braind4d’ De Mol is a Belgian Rifler currently playing under the OverPowered Gaming banner. Having started playing in 2016, braind4d has proven himself to be a very versatile player, being able to adapt his playstyle and role to best suit the team and has demonstrated his ability to transfer his skills between both LAN and online environments. His wish to become a professional player continues to fuel his passion, and always motivates him to better himself both inside and outside the game.

Adam “coindrip” Whelan

coindrip is an amateur CSGO player from Dublin, Ireland currently representing OverPowered Gaming, playing competitively since 2017, he has played in a range of line-ups as an Awper. Adam’s motivation to play comes from wanting to be the best player and be on the best team possible, surrounding himself by players just as ready and willing to put time in to become the best.

Farshad ‘RedDanger‘ Pourshacheraghi

RedDanger is a Luxembourgish CSGO player currently representing OverPowered Gaming. Gaining his love for CS in his younger years with playing 1.6, he found his passion for the game back with CSGO in 2013. After playing in a German amateur team for a year, he took a break only to come back years after with a European team to climb up the ladder with. As a support/lurker, Red constantly aims to get better, both individually and together with his team to eventually achieve what they all want: becoming professionals.

Pieter “Xyntax” Wils

Xyntax is an amateur CSGO player from The Netherlands, currently representing OverPowered Gaming. Leading from the front, Xyntax has been an IGL within multiple line-ups; realising his players’ potentials, strategising, and creating a positive team environment. Constantly striving for success, Xyntax’s motivation stems from the steady increments of improvement, seeing him and his team beat better and better opponents, and achieving their goals.

Christian“South” Raicu

South is a Romanian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who currently plays for OverPowered Gaming. Enthusiast of competitiveness and eSports, he started playing competitively in 2013. His goal is to reach his full potential as an individual and as a team player and compete at the highest level. He is willing to do anything in order to achieve the goal, treat the game as seriously as possible while enjoying the process.